Rolling stones revival band Brno was established in 1997 in Brno, as a tribute to this legendary, continually playing band.

The founding members are players from their original band Grassův pytel.

They are: guitar player Radim Zelina as Keith Richards and bass-guitar player Richard Měřinský as Bill Wyman. In 2007 a lead-singer change was made, Laďa Kruta was replaced by Adam Vrbas as Mick Jagger. The band further includes drummer Karel Brožek as Charlie Watts and guitar player Zdeněk Odehnal as Ron Wood.

The band has performed in Austria, Germany, Italy on Ceska Televize, TV Prima and Nova and they also had a lot of shows in clubs and on festivals inland.

The members of Rolling Stones revival like Pilsner beer and Keith Richards, who said concerning his typilac guitar playing: ‘You have five strings, three chords, two fingers and one asshole’. Singing a song with a Tlecaster in a hand and an asshole – this band is wheeling the stones’ ramshackle push-cart...

Come to see one of their energic shows!


Radim Zelina
guitar, vocals
Richard Měřínský
bass, vocals
Adam Vrbas
lead vocals
Daniel Kyzlink
Jan Růžička
guitar, vocals
David Velčovský